If you are looking for writing of your will or probate, we offer a service that can help you. Take a look at our offering below, or simply get in touch.

Will Writing

Planning to ensure your loved ones are provided for sufficiently when you are gone is so important and the only way to do this properly is to write a Will.

We can help by meeting with you to establish your wishes and offer advice and assistance to ensure your wishes are expressed clearly in your Will. We offer a fixed fee service for Wills, so please contact us to get a quote.

Changes in circumstances can affect your Will (such as divorce or death of executors/beneficiaries) and we are always happy to answer questions as to whether current Wills are still effective.

Will Writing at C&R Legal


Dealing with the death of a Family Member or Friend is always a difficult time and being the executor or administrator to their estate can add an extra pressure. We are experienced in dealing with the administration of estates and assisting executors, and we offer a supportive and professional service to ease that pressure.

We strongly believe in offering a reasonably priced service for assisting executors. Our charges are based on the amount of work that we do. We don’t charge a percentage of the value of the estate. We offer different levels of service allowing for executors to have a choice and be more involved in order to reduce fees.

We have experience in dealing with estates where the deceased has a Will and also were there is no Will.

Probate and Administration of Estates
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